10 Spring and Easter DIY Crafts

10 Spring and Easter DIY Crafts

Happy Friday Y’all! Time is not my friend right now. The kiddos are home because of this crazy world-wide dilemma and I hope you all are safe, healthy, and finding ways to spend your time in isolation. I purchased a few spring and Easter decorations a while back, but not nearly enough. I probably could order online, but I prefer shopping in stores just to get a feel of things. Today, I’m so thrilled to finally share my spring and Easter home decor diy crafts. Let’s get to it!

1.The Bunny

This is the easiest of them all. 


  1. Old mini calendar holder from Magnolia Market. I purchased about a year or two ago, but I’m pretty sure they no longer carry that item anymore.
  2. Little bunny from dollar tree hanging decoration.
  3. Hot glue sticks and glue gun.
  4. Spray paint or paint.
  5. Paint tray and paint brush.

What to do?

To begin I removed the bunny from its decorative piece and sanded off the glitter. The downfall to using Dollar Tree items is the glitter. Everything doesn’t need to have glitter. Next, I went outdoors and sprayed paint the bunny with Rust-oleum Charcoal chalk. (I didn’t have black paint on deck.) Wait wait wait! Ding! It’s finished drying. I allowed it to dry about 1 hour before securing it to the wood frame with glue. See, it’s that easy!

2. The Welcome Board

Oh, Hi There Spring!


  1. Wood board
  2. Pencil
  3. Paints, paint brush, and paint tray
  4. Paint pen (optional)
  5. Twine (optional)

What to do?

Choosing whatever paint color my heart desired, I mixed purple with white. Then, I painted the wood board. After drying, I drew out the quote, “Oh, Hi There Spring!” and the picture onto the board. Next, I painted the tulips and the peek-a-boo bunnies of 3. Afterwards, I traced the lettering with a paint pen. You could paint the letters, you just need to have more patience. Taking twine, I wrap it around the board, tie it, and that’s that!

3. Window bunnies

Aren’t these just the cutest!


  1. 2 bunny cutouts
  2. 2 wooden window frame
  3. Paint, paint brush, and paint tray
  4. 2 eggs shapes
  5. Hot glue sticks and gun

What to do?

For starters, I purchased these window frames from Wal-Mart a few years ago. They should still have them in the craft section. The bunnies were purchased from Dollar Tree, along with eggs that were part of a decorative item for Easter. I removed the eggs from the decorative piece and painted them white. After each dried, I then dried brush brown onto the eggs. Next, I painted one bunny brown mixing in white. The other bunny was painted a barn red, while mixing in white. After each bunny finished drying, I glued the eggs to the bunny’s foot. Instead of hot gluing the bunny to the window frame I used Command strips, so that I could easily remove the bunny. And that’s the end!

4. The Buffalo Check Pillow

Buffalo check in spring!


  1. Buffalo check fabric
  2. Scissor
  3. Pillow Filling
  4. Glue gun and sticks
  5. Egg template (optional)
  6. Fabric pencil (optional)

What to do?

I cut-out the fabric by using a decorative egg sign I purchased from Dollar as a template.  Fold the fabric in half so when you cut out the shape you have two egg shapes. Match up the sides and lay one on top of the other. Next, I lifted the edge of the top layer and applied glue to the bottom layer. Continue to do this until you reach the top leaving an opening to insert your filling. After the insertion, secure the opening with hot glue. There’s your buffalo check pillow.

5. Happy Easter Basket

My favorite! I ran out of florals, but I absolutely love it!


  1. Basket
  2. Happy Easter Sign
  3. 4 Wood stems/blocks
  4. Floral
  5. Paints, paint brush, and tray
  6. Hot glue gun and sticks

What to do?

The Easter sign came from Dollar Tree which I painted white, and then dried brushed red barn onto it. I took 4 wood stems and stacked 2 gluing them together, making 2 stacks of 2 wood stems. ( I hope you understand, oh the wood stems also came from Dollar Tree.) Glue the wood stems to the basket which I obtained from Walmart. Next, glue the sign to the wood stem. (Note: For added support, take a popsicle stick and glue to the back of the sign and wood stem.) Add your florals and glue each into the basket. (Note: If you have styrofoam, I suggest using that to help hold in the florals.) Lastly, I added two florals to cover up the holes on top of the sign. (Note: If you have wood filler, this could work as well.) Now you have a beautiful basket!

6. The Garland


  1. Egg shape items
  2. Sand paper
  3. Scissors
  4. Ruler
  5. Decorative balls
  6. Twine, yarn, or ribbon
  7. Paint, paintbrush, and tray
  8. Hot glue gun and sticks

What to do?

Separate the eggs and sand off the glitter. Choose your paint and paint the eggs. The eggs came from a decorative easter item sold at Dollar Tree. (Note: I painted all but one egg.) Measure and cut the twine to the length you desire. Knot one end and measure the placement of the first item. Add the decorative ball and then the egg. Just repeat the pattern until the garland is complete. Knot the other end and you’re done. Easy peasy!

7. Framed Art

Make your drawing skills handy!


  1. Paper
  2. Pencil
  3. Eraser (if needed)
  4. Picture frame or twine

What to do?

Search online to get an idea on how you want your bunny to look. Honestly, if you’re not the best drawer you could print out some bunny drawings from online. Once I figure out how to distribute files online, I will be happy to make templates for you. Until then, the internet has many options. I drew out my bunnies on paper just by looking at the image from my phone. Of course I had a few mistakes here and there, but I just erased and fixed each mistake. When you have the print you love, frame it!

8. Chalkboard Sketch

Similar to the frame art with those good old-fashioned hand drawings!


  1. Chalkboard
  2. Chalk or chalk pencil

What to do?

Like the frame art, I’ve searched for the print online that I loved, and then drew it onto the board. I think the prints turned out lovely. What about you?

9. Spring Chick Frame

Oh, for peep sakes!


  1. Art canvas wood frame or picture frame
  2. Wooden chick cut-out
  3. Paint, paintbrush, and tray
  4. Hot glue gun and sticks
  5. Paint pen/pencil?

What to do?

I painted the chick cut-out that I got from Dollar Tree a yellow while mixing in white to get my desired color. Next, I used an old canvas frame and turnt it vertically. (You can use a picture frame that’s big enough to fit the chick.) I placed a dab of hot glue on the centered top backside of the frame, then attached the loop the is connected to the chick. Just add more glue to secure and support the weight of the chick. After the glue has set. Using a paint pen, I wrote “Peep” on the front center of the chick. Oh, how cute!

10. Spring Wreath

Spring is here!


  1. Wreath
  2. 3 mixed florals 
  3. Hot glue gun and sticks
  4. Lace 
  5. Twine
  6. Piece of wood or foam board for a sign
  7. Paint, paintbrush, paint pen, and tray

What to do?

I used a leftover mini sign from an item from another project and painted it. While that was drying, I arranged the floral, and then glued them to the wreath. Next, I wrapped what little lace I had left around the wreath and glued that as well. Cut enough twine to make a loop to hang the wreath. Using a paint pen I wrote “hello spring,” onto the sign, and then glued it to the wreath for the finishing touch!

Whoo! Thanks for hanging out with me today! Did I spark inspiration in you, I sure hope so! If you know others who may be interested in these crafts, share this post with them. Remember, items that can be used to create a craft piece can be from things you already have in your home that you may not use anymore, things you throw out, or things that’s just sitting in your closet. Explore your home and see what you have to craft with your unique style! Shoot me an email or tag me on instagram @farmhouseunique with your spring and Easter crafts! I would love to see them! Let’s chat! Leave a comment below. Until, next time love!

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My Top 5 Valentine’s DIY Crafts: Part 5

My Top 5 Valentine’s DIY Crafts: Part 5

Good Morning and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Take the time to love your community and help it blossom. I hope you all had a marvelous weekend! Well, beautiful people, we’ve reached the end of the Top 5 Valentine’s DIY Crafts. Coming in at number 5 of our Valentines DIY craft it’s better known as, The Floral Heart Wreath. Yet, another simple, easy, and inexpensive craft. Shall we begin. . .

The Floral Heart Wreath

Materials & Tools:

  • Wreath
  • Metal heart
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush or sponge
  • Hot glue gun
  • Gluesticks
  • Twine
  • Lace ribbon
  • Floral 

Note: Most materials you can obtain from The Dollar Tree. The ribbon and floral came from a wedding bouquet I caught! ( Fun fact: My fiance caught the garter.)

Step 1: Remove tag from the wreath. Prepare a mixture of paint and water to give the wreath a whitewash effect. Using a paintbrush, begin to paint the wreath. 

Step 2: Wrap the ribbon around the wreath. You can do as much or as little as you like, and then secure it with hot glue.

The caught bouquet is now a beautiful wreath!

Step 3: Select and arrange your florals in a pattern you find appealing to your taste. After you found the layout that speaks to you secure with more hot glue.

Step 4: Cut a string of twine and glue one end to the metal heart, and then the other end to the wreath.

Step 5: Using twine, cut, loop, and tie a knot to secure and hang your one of a kind wreath on the door.

Wow! This has been a fun filled last couple of days spent with you lovely people. I hope you enjoyed this little journey and been inspired to create your own unique Valentine’s day decor piece. Trust me, it is so rewarding knowing you did something yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Get crafting and let me see your beautiful crafts. You can leave a picture of your crafts in the comments below, by email me, or by tagging me on instagram. If you haven’t already be to check out craft #1, craft #2, craft #3, and craft #4. That’s all for now!

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My Top 5 Valentine’s DIY Crafts: Part 4

My Top 5 Valentine’s DIY Crafts: Part 4

Happy Sunday beautiful people! We are getting close to the end of our Valentine’s diy craft decor. Our next craft is , The Golden Arrow. This diy craft is one of my favorites simply because the color palette used. Now, presenting, “The Golden Arrow.”

The Golden Arrow

Materials & Tools:

  • Heart Valentine’s day sign from dollar tree
  • Heart Valentine’s day sign with an arrow from dollar tree.
  • Scrapper
  • Sandpaper or sanding block
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Gold spray paint 
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Twine
  • 1 Flower
  • Goo be gone
  • Scissors
  • Putty knife
Valentine’s sign removed. Saved for another project.

Step 1: Using the putty knife remove the sign, and then use scissors to remove the ribbon.

Step 2: Using sandpaper or a sanding block, sand the blotchy spot until it’s smooth, then wipe the sand dust away.

Step 3: Apply your paint using a paintbrush (I use white chalk paint.) It may require two coats of paint. 

Gold arrow.

Step 4: While allowing it to dry, I sprayed Goo be gone onto the arrow and let that sit for 5 minutes. Next, I scraped the glitter off the arrow cleaned it with soap.and water, let it dry, and then spray painted the arrow gold.

Tip: After lightly dipping your brush into the black paint, wipe excess off onto a paper towel before brushing onto the heart.

Step 5: Letting the arrow dry, I used a dab on black paint and dry brushed paint onto the heart to that get the weathered look.

Step 6: Take the arrow and hot glue it onto the edges of the heart. 

Step 7: Add a flower (this is totally optional,) and then add twine to hang it.

This is beyond my favorite and I am simply pleased with how this craft has turned out. Look love, you made it more than halfway through our Valentine’s crafting journey. One more day ahead, it’s bitter sweet! If you are just tuning in, have a look at craft #1, craft #2, and craft #3. Until tomorrow, my loves!

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My Top 5 Valentine’s DIY Crafts: Part 3

My Top 5 Valentine’s DIY Crafts: Part 3

Hello my fellow crafters! Here’s to a new day and a lovely craft to share. Today, I’m sharing my third craft. Hurray, we’re halfway there! Making each craft has been fun and frustrating at the same time, (my son barely lets me do anything, lol.) Today Valentines craft is called, “Jar of hearts,” just like the song by Christina Perri.

Jar of hearts

Materials & Tools:

  • Glass jar (I used 2 from Dollar Tree)
  • Twine (optional)
  • Glittery Vase Fillers (optional)
  • 1 construction paper or vinyl
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Hot glue gun
  • Gluesticks
  • Knob(s)

Step 1: Wipe your jar clean (soap and water, or rubbing alcohol will do.)

Step 2: Fold your paper in half. Use scissors to cut-out a heart shape. If you are doing more than one jar, cutout as many hearts as you need. Also, if you need to draw your heart out, go for it!)

Note: If using paper take tape to adhere to both the heart and the jar. This will be tricky when it comes time to paint your jar. I suggest using vinyl to avoid getting paint between the heart and the glass.
I mixed my white and dark pink to get my light pink color. It took 2 coats of paint.

Step 4: Once your heart is attached. Choose your paint color and begin to paint your jar.

Step 5: After allowing the jar to dry, remove the heart. Since I use paper, paint got in between the jar and the heart. It wasn’t too bad, I just scraped the excess paint off by using a toothpick.

Step 6: This next step is optional. Fill the jar with a filler. You can use rocks, sand, lights, or even add a candle. 

Finish jars of hearts, so I thought!

Step 7: With or without the lid while using hot glue, you can choose to wrap twine or a ribbon around the top, and then tie it into a bow. 

Now pose for the camera. . .click, click! You’re Jar of hearts is complete to add to your beautiful Valentine’s day decor. Be sure to send your pictures of your crafts via social media or email. I would to see them! What would you do differently? Let’s chat in the comments below!  

If you haven’t already have a peak at craft #1 and craft # 2. Until tomorrow my loves!

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My Top 5 Valentine’s Day DIY Craft: Part 2

My Top 5 Valentine’s Day DIY Craft: Part 2

Hey loves! Who’s ready for day two of the Valentine’s day decor diy? Me, me! If you’re new here, welcome! Today, I’ll be sharing my next Valentine’s day craft. I’m calling it “the heart box!” Shall we begin…

The Heart Box

Materials & Tools:

  • Art decor box (dollar tree find)
  • Metal heart (retrieved mines from a dollar tree sign)
  • Twine (dollar tree)
  • Ribbon (dollar tree)
  • Paint (your choice)
  • Paint Brush 
  • Hot Glue Gun 
  • Gluesticks
  • Sandpaper or Sanding Block
Decor box found at The Dollar Tree in the Valentine’s Day seasonal section.

To get started, take the box and scrap the flower off (your box may differ as there are different prints sold at The Dollar Tree.) I used scissors to complete this process, but I suggest using a putty knife. Grab sandpaper or a sanding block and sand the area so that it’s smooth. Be sure to wipe the area clean, free of dust. 

Sanding to smooth the area. Don’t forget to wipe the residue off.

Next, I mixed my three paints together as I did in my previous post (see here) to get my desired pink color. Use a paint brush to brush on the paint, then allow to dry.

After drying, add a dab of  hot glue to secure the tip of the twine to the back of the box. Next, wrap the twine around 4 times. Cut, and then glue the twine to secure in place. Repeat for the remaining 3 sides. 

Applying hot glue to the metal heart, place it to the center of the box. Cut your desired length of the ribbon of your choice and make it into a bow. Add a dab of hot glue and place the bow at the top of the box. There’s your beautiful Valentine’s Day diy decor piece! Another simple and easy win!

I hope you all enjoyed! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out “The Love Sign” in my previous post. Tomorrow, I will introduce my next diy Valentine’s Day decor! Until next time loves!

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My Top Valentine’s DIY Crafts: Part 1

My Top Valentine’s DIY Crafts: Part 1

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Love is here and forever true. 

Aww love…love is in the air, is it not? Today, I’m going to share one of my top 5 Valentine’s diy crafts that was crafted over the weekend. The other crafts will be shared over the next few days. Each one is inexpensive, simple, and easy to do. Majority of the materials are found at Dollar Tree. So let’s get started!

The love sign

Materials & Tools:

  • Twine (if desired)
  • Paintbrush
  • 1 wood board (this board came from Home Depot …it was leftover from a previous project)
  • Paint tray
  • Paint (color of your choice)

Since I didn’t have a pink that I preferred I mixed white chalk paint with a magenta pink and added a little orange to get the lighter pink hue I applied to the sign.

While allowing the board to dry completely, I sketched out the lettering “L-O-V-E” onto 4 sheets of paper.

Sketch out the letters, and then laid the paper flat on the board to lightly trace over with a pencil.

After the board dried, I then laid each sheet onto the board and lightly traced over the letters one at a time with a pencil, so it will show the imprint on the board. 

After removing the paper, I then treced over the letters with a sharpie paint pen.

Next, remove the paper and outlined over the imprint with a sharpie oil based paint pen in gold, and then filled in the letter. Repeat for the remaining letters. 

For the finishing touch, I wrapped twine around and tie it into a bow. If you would like to be more creative add lights, ribbons, and/or floral to add more beauty. 

Sweet and simple! Until the next craft my darlings!

What’s your favorite thing about Valentine’s day? Is the kiddos exchange Valentine’s cards at school? Crafting? Decorating? Baking? Cooking a nice dinner?Planning a romantic evening? Writing a sweet poem? Picking out a gift? Receiving a gift? Showing your love how much they mean to you? What is it? Let me know in the comments below.

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The Kiddos Made a Christmas Countdown Calendar!

The Kiddos Made a Christmas Countdown Calendar!

Hi everyone. It has definitely been a busy week getting to share a few mini diy crafts and activities with you. If you recall from one of my previous post, The Kiddos Made a Stocking Ornament, I did promise to share their next workshop. This weekend, the girls made a Christmas Countdown Calendar. 

Unfortunately, I had over scheduled some outings and couldn’t take them to the workshop, but I was able to pick up their kits from Home Depot so we could tackle their project at home.

The kit includes:

  • 1 tree shape
  • 2 side pieces
  • 1 base 
  • 2 date blocks
  • 2 long nails
  • 4 short nails
  • 1 sticker sheet

Materials required:

  • Fine sandpaper (optional)
  • Wood glue (optional)
  • Hammer

To be honest I did not use sandpaper because it wasn’t necessary. I forgot about the would glue, but the project is holding together just fine. Before assembling I allowed my kiddos to paint.

After the pieces dry take the base, and place it on it’s side. Next, take one of the side pieces and align it with the side of the base, then hold while inserting one of the long nails. Allow your child to hammer in the nail with your assistance. Do the same for the other side piece.

Flip and lay the project down flat. Add glue if you desire and place the tree shape on top making sure that all sides are aligned. Again, with your assistance allow your child to hammer in the 4 short nails.

Lastly, apply the stickers and insert the date blocks. Just like that the girls have their beautiful Christmas Countdown Calendar! Thanks for enjoying this kids craft from Home Depot. I’ll be writing you soon so stay connected.

D. I. Y. Christmas Jar

D. I. Y. Christmas Jar

The Christmas season is in the air or do I mean love. Whatever the case, I love love and I love Christmas! Just let it snow already …“let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”  Though, once is good enough for me. That reminds me, I recently made these Christmas snow jar to add to my Christmas decor which I debut in Christmas Decor Home Decor, so click here to view it. The Christmas jars turned out beautifully.  

Are you ready?

Gather all materials.

To get started, I used:

  • 2 glass jars with lids
  • 1 2pk of miniatures trees (white)
  • 1 2pk of miniatures trees (green)
  • 1 pack of faux snow
  • 1 roll of ribbon
  • Thin string
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks

Note: all materials can be purchased at The Dollar Tree.

Insert trees into jar.

Unscrew the lids and place 2 miniatures trees in each jar. You can add both green trees in the same jar, the same goes for the white trees. However, I mixed it up and place 1 white tree along with 1 green tree in the same jar. If you would like, hot glue the trees to securely keep them in place (it’s totally optional, but I personally did not glue the trees down.)

What’s Next?

Insert faux snow.

Next, simply pour just enough of the faux snow into the jar to cover the bottom of the trees. I thought about adding glitter and water, but decide to skip those options. I also thought about painting the jar lids, but decided to measure and cut ribbons by wrapping it around the lid. Secure with hot glue and add the perfect touch . . .a bow!

Simple and easy diy Christmas jar

Ta da. . .we’re done! What a fun, quick, and simple project! A little touch of Christmas decor that didn’t break the bank. For more, stay connected with our home life

D. I. Y. Faux Potted Christmas Tree

D. I. Y. Faux Potted Christmas Tree

Hi guys, welcome back! I hope you like my previous post, Christmas Decor Home Tour. As I mentioned, I would share with you how to craft a small potted Christmas tree. It’s short and simple.

Ready to knock out this diy?

The materials needed.

The Materials

  • 1 faux small white christmas tree
  • 1 small galvanized bucket
  • Miniature Christmas bulbs
  • Tissue paper or paper brown lunch bags
  • Glue gun (optional)
  • Glue sticks
  • 1 floral piece

Note: Some materials came from The Dollar Tree, others I already had. 

Fold and place tissue paper inside on the bottom (this is optional.) I did this because I didn’t want to hot glue it directly to the bucket just in case I want to change up and use the bucket for something else. I then put hot glue on the tissue paper and place the tree on top. 

Around the tree, insert the brown paper bag inside the bucket. To do this, I open up the paper bag and tore it lengthwise. Crumbled it a little, pushed it down inside bucket and around the tree. Keep adding more until you feel it’s secure. Also, if you don’t think you’ll use the bucket or tree for something else, feel free to hot glue everything to make it more secure.

Nice and simple

Now to decorate or leave it plain?

That is the questioned. . .

Drum roll please! Yes, you guessed it! Decorate!!! You can string the miniatures bulbs if you want, but I chose to take the top of the bulbs and stick them onto the tree. Another way, would be to hot glue them.

Now for the final touch

The final touch with bulbs and floral piece.

Ha, I told you it was short and simple! Guess what??? There are several ways you can decorate it to fit your style. Add some paint, a print, or even fabric. Your options are endless, so go on and get creative!!! Until next time.