How I Failed at Co-sleeping with my Kiddos!

How I Failed at Co-sleeping with my Kiddos!

Have you ever fallen asleep unaware, with your infant still in your arms? 

Most of us moms are guilty of doing so. As a new mom, you are exhausted and overwhelmed. Hey, it happens to the best of us. Though, doctors warn us of the risk of sleeping with your infant arms, as well as in bed with you. These risks include: SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), suffocation, strangulations, and other death related illnesses. 

For safe guidelines from the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) click here. They offer safe guidelines of how to co-sleep, and what to do if you feel yourself falling asleep with your baby.  

From the moment my first born came into this world it was the most breathtaking (both beautiful and exhausting). As every mother knows it takes time to adjust to your newborns’ wild and crazy schedule. It can be overwhelming for the first couple of weeks of your baby’s precious life. I will admit, I am one of those mothers who have drifted off to sleep while still holding my child unknowingly and knowingly. 

This is our current night and day.

Does that make me a bad mother? No, I’m human just like you. I make choices (don’t we all.) Yes, I’ve chosen to fall asleep with my kiddos still wrapped in my arms, just as well as I’ve chosen to have each of my kiddos, sleep with me. Just like I’ve chose to have them sleep on their bellies. 

Yes, I knew the risk. Yes, I’ve heard of mothers losing their child because of this. About 3,500 babies per year have died because of this action. I’d craved sleep and just wanted my kiddos to sleep too. Is that selfish of me? 

I remember when I fell asleep in the hospital the night of the day my first daughter was born with her still in my arms. A nurse walked into the room to do her usual routine check. She advised me not to fall asleep with my daughter in my arms because we wouldn’t want anything to happen. She may fall and so on. She suggested laying her down. “If you need a break, I can take her to the baby care unit,” she said.  As a new mom I didn’t want my baby to leave my side, so I kept her and followed the nurse’s advice the rest of my stay.

Mommy and me time!

After continuously putting my child in his/her bassinet just to have them wake up soon after was frustrating. Believe me, I tried swaddling and ended up with the same result. Before leaving the hospital, I had nurses demonstrate how to swaddle my baby. I even referred to the internet for further instructions, just to ensure I was doing it the correct way. No matter how tight I wrapped the blanket, my kids were not comfortable. 

As they wiggled and made little sounds letting me know that they were about to wake. With the lack of sleep, sometimes I could not resist drifting off to sleep with them in arm. When I  awoke, I would feel some regret, but still relieved that my babies were fine. 

As a new mom for the first, second, third or umpteen time you are tired and restless and just want to catch up on sleep. Babies need attentive care from changing diapers and feeding them to entertaining and comforting them. So yes, you guessed it. . . babies require a lot of your time. 

There have been plenty of times I’ve fallen asleep with my kids on my lying on my chest because of exhaustion or lack of sleep.

How do I stop falling asleep with my child on my chest? 

Well, I’d decided to lay my child on their bellies. At night I’ve noticed that my kiddos slept better and longer on their bellies. Aware of the risk and the fact, doctors recommend that infants should sleep on their backs. Atleast, until they’re able to roll over successfully on their own. 

My first born sleeping on her belly.

I always monitor my child as they slept. Any little sound or slight movement had me alert of my child safety. Since I’m a light sleeper (I get it from my momma,) I feel that’s why I was literally okay and believed that my child would be safe sleeping with me. Anytime, my kiddos moved, I’m up! Anytime, my mister moved and had his arm covering the kids, I moved his arm. Cover over head, moved it. Yes, it happened once I admit. It’s scary, but I made sure it would not happen again. Having our kiddos sleep with us (well me mostly. . . the mister decided to sleep on the couch at times,) was a relief. It’s what worked for our family. 


I am not a doctor. This is not advice for you to follow. I just wanted to share my experiences with what worked for me and my family. Just because it worked for me, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. Every situation is different. As a precaution, it is safer for you and your child to co-sleep in the same room, but separate from your bed. So many have lost their child because of this. 

I am so thankful that nothing terribly bad ever happened. Always be safe and do what’s best for you and your child. Listen and talk to your child doctors if you have any issues getting your child to sleep. Has this been an issue for you? If so, how did you fix it? I would love to hear from you.

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The Kiddos Made a Christmas Countdown Calendar!

The Kiddos Made a Christmas Countdown Calendar!

Hi everyone. It has definitely been a busy week getting to share a few mini diy crafts and activities with you. If you recall from one of my previous post, The Kiddos Made a Stocking Ornament, I did promise to share their next workshop. This weekend, the girls made a Christmas Countdown Calendar. 

Unfortunately, I had over scheduled some outings and couldn’t take them to the workshop, but I was able to pick up their kits from Home Depot so we could tackle their project at home.

The kit includes:

  • 1 tree shape
  • 2 side pieces
  • 1 base 
  • 2 date blocks
  • 2 long nails
  • 4 short nails
  • 1 sticker sheet

Materials required:

  • Fine sandpaper (optional)
  • Wood glue (optional)
  • Hammer

To be honest I did not use sandpaper because it wasn’t necessary. I forgot about the would glue, but the project is holding together just fine. Before assembling I allowed my kiddos to paint.

After the pieces dry take the base, and place it on it’s side. Next, take one of the side pieces and align it with the side of the base, then hold while inserting one of the long nails. Allow your child to hammer in the nail with your assistance. Do the same for the other side piece.

Flip and lay the project down flat. Add glue if you desire and place the tree shape on top making sure that all sides are aligned. Again, with your assistance allow your child to hammer in the 4 short nails.

Lastly, apply the stickers and insert the date blocks. Just like that the girls have their beautiful Christmas Countdown Calendar! Thanks for enjoying this kids craft from Home Depot. I’ll be writing you soon so stay connected.

The Kiddos Make a Stocking Ornament!

The Kiddos Make a Stocking Ornament!

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving. I know I enjoyed our family gatherings. It’s just so nice to see your loved ones you don’t get to see often enough. My favorite moments is seeing the kiddos get to bond and make memories together. So sad that it’s over, but they’ll be more memories to make each and every day!

Today, I took the girls to a workshop at the Home Depot. They got to assemble a Christmas stocking ornament. Although,  theirs is not completely finished, I wanted to share how beautiful the ornaments turned out. Sorry to disappoint, but I totally forgot to take pictures as they were assembling their ornament since I was helping both of my sweeties safely construct their ornament. As I explain the process, hopefully you get the picture. It is fairly easy. 

The girls were each given a kit which included: the ornament itself, 2 frame sides, the frame bottom, the nails, 2 clear plastic sheets, a string, and a sticker sheet. We aligned the 2 side frames with the bottom frame piece, and then nailed them together. They used the glue to help attach the frame to the ornament itself and then nailed in the rest of the nails to make it secure.  Next, the girls picked out their paint colors. One picked classic Christmas colors: red and green, while the other picked white, pastel blue, and yellow. What kid doesn’t like painting? They enjoyed painting… I think that was their favorite part! My oldest is quite the perfectionist, she got upset when the red paint got on top of the green paint. I let her know it was okay and suggested adding more green to cover up the red. Everything was great again! 

Afterwards, we packed up to go home and let their ornaments finish drying before adding the finishing touches. A few hours passed, I added the string and knotted it, while the girls added their sticker and signed their names. Oh, but wait it’s not done yet, I have to printout a beautiful picture of each of my girls and insert it into their ornament to make it complete and ready to hang on our Christmas tree (when we get a Christmas tree.) 

Overall, they absolutely loved every moment of creating their ornaments, from working with tools to choosing their paint colors. One of them actually drew on the back of her ornament when she got home.  Next week, their supposed to making a Christmas calendar and the girls are just so excited to attend so keep a look out hopefully, I’ll remember to take pictures.) So if you’re a parent looking for something for your kid(s) to do on the weekend, check out Home depot to see when and what type of workshops they have for the kiddos. It’s free and you’re kids will love it! Well, until next time. Thanks for caring and always share!

Building a Baby Gate (DIY)

Building a Baby Gate (DIY)

Hi there! Today I will take you step by step through the process I used to build my first baby gate for my little mister. Previously, we were using a pack n’ play to block the steps. Unfortunately, it took up more than half of the walkway, not to mention damaged the walls, and then became very unsafe once my mister began moving it. This motivated me to build a baby gate. I’d previously purchased one before, but returned it simply because the stair railing was in the way making it impossible for the baby gate to properly fit. Stressing about his safety, I went to the local Home Depot.

Very unprepared, looking through the selection of lumber, I literally picked my lumber by price and by weight. My purchase included: 6- 1×4×6 common boards, a hand saw, and a sander. Little did I know, I would be right back at Home Depot the next day for more.

Based on my measurements, I needed at few more boards for the style I wanted, plus nails shorter than the ones I already had so that they wouldn’t go through the board. In total, I purchased 9- 1×4×6 boards for this project.

The measurement for the width of my stairway is 41 inches. I subtracted 2 inches so that there would be space for mounting the hinges onto the boards on the wall. Now the width for the gate is 39 inches and I chose a height of 33 inches.


  • 9- 1 x 4 x 6 boards
  • Saw
  • Hammer
  • Nails 1 1/4 inch
  • Ryobi Corner Cat Compact Finish Sander
  • Rust-OleumRust-Oleum Gel Stain American Walnut
  • Minwax One Coat Polyurethane
  • 2 Door Hinges- Everbilt 3 inches with a 5/8 radius
  • 1 Barrel Bolt- Everbilt 4 inch lock


  • 11 boards cut to 33 inches in height (back frame)
  • 2 boards cut to 39 inches (the top and bottom width of the front frame)
  • 2 boards cut to 26 inches (front frame height)
  • 2 boards cut to 33 inches (mounting to wall)

Your measurements may vary depending on the width of your stairway and the height you prefer.


I lined up 11 boards for the back-frame, then measured to make sure it measured at 39 inches. It was less by 1/4 inch or so. I found it pointless to cut an extra board super thin, so I left it alone – you could barely tell. After, I laid the top and bottom board for the front- frame on top of the back-frame. Then I made sure the board underneath for the back-frame were lined up before nailing. As I insert each nail, I used my index and middle finger as spacers in between each nail. Be careful not to bang your finger. If you have a nail gun. Hurray!!! It’ll make the process much faster and easier. Next, nail the 26 inch side boards to complete the top frame. I inserted 2 nails on each board.

After completing the frame, I then sanded the wood using the Ryobi Corner Cat Compact Finish Sander and 220 Grit sand paper. Then I stained it with Rust-Oleum Gel Stain American Walnut. It only took one coat. I waited 24 hours to let it completely dry before applying Minwax One Coat Polyurethane. I waited another 24 hours before attaching the gate to the wall. Finally, I attached the last 2 -33 inch boards to the wall. Also, attaching the door hinges and the barrel lock and there we have our finish project. Yay!

I will be working on another baby gate soon for the bottom of my stairs. The plan is to take more pictures of the entire process step-by-step. Please subscribe to look for updates with pictures and more diy projects, as well as my home life with the kiddos and the mister. Feel free to connect and share with me as well.