The Kiddos Made a Christmas Countdown Calendar!

The Kiddos Made a Christmas Countdown Calendar!

Hi everyone. It has definitely been a busy week getting to share a few mini diy crafts and activities with you. If you recall from one of my previous post, The Kiddos Made a Stocking Ornament, I did promise to share their next workshop. This weekend, the girls made a Christmas Countdown Calendar. 

Unfortunately, I had over scheduled some outings and couldn’t take them to the workshop, but I was able to pick up their kits from Home Depot so we could tackle their project at home.

The kit includes:

  • 1 tree shape
  • 2 side pieces
  • 1 base 
  • 2 date blocks
  • 2 long nails
  • 4 short nails
  • 1 sticker sheet

Materials required:

  • Fine sandpaper (optional)
  • Wood glue (optional)
  • Hammer

To be honest I did not use sandpaper because it wasn’t necessary. I forgot about the would glue, but the project is holding together just fine. Before assembling I allowed my kiddos to paint.

After the pieces dry take the base, and place it on it’s side. Next, take one of the side pieces and align it with the side of the base, then hold while inserting one of the long nails. Allow your child to hammer in the nail with your assistance. Do the same for the other side piece.

Flip and lay the project down flat. Add glue if you desire and place the tree shape on top making sure that all sides are aligned. Again, with your assistance allow your child to hammer in the 4 short nails.

Lastly, apply the stickers and insert the date blocks. Just like that the girls have their beautiful Christmas Countdown Calendar! Thanks for enjoying this kids craft from Home Depot. I’ll be writing you soon so stay connected.

The Kiddos Make a Stocking Ornament!

The Kiddos Make a Stocking Ornament!

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving. I know I enjoyed our family gatherings. It’s just so nice to see your loved ones you don’t get to see often enough. My favorite moments is seeing the kiddos get to bond and make memories together. So sad that it’s over, but they’ll be more memories to make each and every day!

Today, I took the girls to a workshop at the Home Depot. They got to assemble a Christmas stocking ornament. Although,  theirs is not completely finished, I wanted to share how beautiful the ornaments turned out. Sorry to disappoint, but I totally forgot to take pictures as they were assembling their ornament since I was helping both of my sweeties safely construct their ornament. As I explain the process, hopefully you get the picture. It is fairly easy. 

The girls were each given a kit which included: the ornament itself, 2 frame sides, the frame bottom, the nails, 2 clear plastic sheets, a string, and a sticker sheet. We aligned the 2 side frames with the bottom frame piece, and then nailed them together. They used the glue to help attach the frame to the ornament itself and then nailed in the rest of the nails to make it secure.  Next, the girls picked out their paint colors. One picked classic Christmas colors: red and green, while the other picked white, pastel blue, and yellow. What kid doesn’t like painting? They enjoyed painting… I think that was their favorite part! My oldest is quite the perfectionist, she got upset when the red paint got on top of the green paint. I let her know it was okay and suggested adding more green to cover up the red. Everything was great again! 

Afterwards, we packed up to go home and let their ornaments finish drying before adding the finishing touches. A few hours passed, I added the string and knotted it, while the girls added their sticker and signed their names. Oh, but wait it’s not done yet, I have to printout a beautiful picture of each of my girls and insert it into their ornament to make it complete and ready to hang on our Christmas tree (when we get a Christmas tree.) 

Overall, they absolutely loved every moment of creating their ornaments, from working with tools to choosing their paint colors. One of them actually drew on the back of her ornament when she got home.  Next week, their supposed to making a Christmas calendar and the girls are just so excited to attend so keep a look out hopefully, I’ll remember to take pictures.) So if you’re a parent looking for something for your kid(s) to do on the weekend, check out Home depot to see when and what type of workshops they have for the kiddos. It’s free and you’re kids will love it! Well, until next time. Thanks for caring and always share!