Christmas with No Tree!

Christmas with No Tree!

How do you have Christmas without a tree? 

As I mentioned before in Christmas Decor Home Tour , our faux snowed Christmas tree mysteriously got destroyed while in storage. It sucks because I really loved that tree and we only had it for 2 years. Now with the holiday season in full affect, trees can be expensive.  

So What Now?

The mister and I are contemplating on getting a real Christmas tree this year (sap and all), and then after the holiday season purchase another faux tree when they’re much cheaper.  

While that thoughtful solution is still simmering. I came up with another solution. A corner wall Christmas tree made with lights! Haha! It’s truly something new since I had no idea what to do with these extra lights. So, I thought of hanging the lights on the wall.

Materials needed:

  • Christmas Lights 
  • Command strips light hanging clips for outside

To get started, I eyed the layout of the Christmas tree as I placed the command strips on each side of the wall.

Just peel and stick!

Note: To make it easier, use painter’s tape to layout the christmas shape tree before adding the command strips .

After completing that process, I then hook the lights from left to right.

Corner wall Christmas Light Tree

It may or may not be temporary, but it works! It’s beautiful and the kiddos loved it!

To help bring Christmas in for the girls, I purchased two small trees from Target so they can decorate and call their own. Each tree cost $3. The Christmas bulbs cost about$3 from 5 below.and the string of garland with bells cost $1 from The Dollar Tree.

Thank you for taking this Christmas tree journey with us. Happy Holidays and safe shopping!

Christmas Decor Home Tour

Christmas Decor Home Tour

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

Yes! That magical time where we all gather with our friends and family and share love, joy, and happiness amongst others. Today, I would like to share my home christmas decor with you. It’s not extravagant, but it’s definitely beautiful and cozy for our home. Shall we begin?

The living room.

The living room is the main attraction this year. As we all know kids are expensive, lol. I try to purchase a few christmas decorations each year. You may notice there’s no Christmas tree that’s because our beautiful tree got destroyed while in storage. Strange, I know! The mister and I are currently deciding on whether to buy another faux Christmas or buy a real tree and then purchase a faux tree after the holidays when they’re cheaper. Can you imagine how disappointed I was, being so eager to start decorating for the day after Thanksgiving only to find a messed up tree. Don’t freight, I had a solution which I will share with you in the next post.

Hanging Merry Christmas banner, 2 chalkboards, 2 set of 3 bottle brush trees, calendar house, seasonal home letters, and a vase with flowers.

The console is decorated with 2 christmas signs that I hand drew with chalk. One list the reindeer names and the other says “tis the season to be merry.” I know it should be jolly, but at the time I was rushing through it. Why not be MERRY? It is also complemented with a wine bottle used as a vase with faux flowers inside. Above is a Merry Christmas banner. Don’t you just love the buffalo check? Remember the 2 sets of 3 bottle brush trees and house calendar from my other post which you can check-out here. Lastly, a seasonal home lettering that was given as a gift last christmas.

Decor to the right of the console.

On the shelf is a candle gifted to me last Christmas, a faux window panel frame, and a faux potted Christmas tree I crafted together the day before. I will totally share with you guys soon. So be on the lookout.

Below on the end table is a tic-tac-toe (decorative use only), a farmers market milk jug I suppose, and a small galvanized house from a previous post on top of a faux marble tray which is inlaid with a red and black buffalo check table mat.

Take a closer look. . .

End table decorations
To the left of the console.

Ha, would you look at that! Another faux window frame, and a potted Christmas tree. The shelf is also accompanied by a wooden family sign, and a lantern filled with faux flowers, pinecones, and light.

Snow jar upon a shelf

I made two snow jars the day before to add to my decor. Here’s one and the other is near by. They are both sitting on their own little shelf.

Sorry I didn’t get permission to share my relatives photos, so, I hope you understand. This frame is on the living room hallway wall.

A merry and bright sign hanging from a collage picture frame of family photos. Around the frame I added garland along with buffalo check bows, just like the hand rail on the stairs.

See below. . .

The stairway

Almost Done

Bows and bells on the doors

Thank you for taking this wonderful tour of my home. I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I. It’s been a pleasure sharing my home with you. If you have any suggestions please feel free to share.

My Favorite Favorite

My Favorite Favorite

A couple a days ago, I went to a few of my favorite stores. When I shop I’m looking for a rustic farmhouse style with a little bit of modern and glam. Not only do I shop for my home, but I also discover great finds for the kiddos room. My hubby just disapproves of whenever I make it a mission to go to these particular stores simply because he knows I am always tempted and will leave with something in hand despite my, “just looking” excuse. I love that he knows me so well!

Kirkland’s is one of my new favorite stores. The atmosphere is just so inviting, while the store associates are so friendly and helpful with answers to your questions. The quality and variety of the products are amazing, plus they have awesome deals from time to time in store and online. The foot trafficking is so simple. You start from one side of the front of the store and work your way to the back of the store, around and back to the front almost like a rectangle or square shape, and then explore everything in the middle. At least that’s how I navigate through the store.

Here are a couple of finds I’ve purchased below:

Calendar house.
It’s So Good to be Home wood plank.
Galvanized vase bouquet of lamb ears.

Those beauties will make a great addition to my home! Overall, with the discount I purchased everything for $52.94. The Calendar House was final sale and cost $9.97, however it was not included in the discount. The same goes for the It’s Good to be Home wood plank, it cost $12.99, but I don’t believe it was final sale. As for the, bouquet lamb ear, and the galvanized vase, each was priced at $19.99 and discounted for $14.99 each.

Now, before I move on to my next favorite home store. I stopped my favorite children’s clothing store, Carter’s to pick up part of an online order that was ready. I just love the style of clothes with their cute design (the kiddos love them too.) My kids are not into jeans, not even the jeggings. I usually just purchase leggings, sweatpants, and joggers ( happy kids, happy mom.) One of the things that was ready for pick-up were the christmas pajamas set for my girls.

Carter’s 2-piece Christmas Magic Snug Fit Cotton and Fleece pajamas.

At $12.80 each, the sum amount was $25.60. I purchased 2 sets, discounted at $22.43. They are super and will help the girls warm through the winter, despite the fact that my youngest daughter said, ” I don’t like the pants,” (sighs. . .Mommy can’t win.) She more of a nightgown girl, bit I want her legs covered in the winter, so she just have to be thankful.

Last stop, HomeGoods (Oh my gosh.) Oh how I love this store. It’s just so bright and airy. The furniture and decor are my favorite part of the store. Can you imagine my eyes being lite up in awe of all the Christmas decoration. Yes, it’s that time of year! My immediate reaction was to buy everything! Ha, ha ha, but then I thought about the mister and the spending limit I needed to set for myself. So I purchased as followed:

Bottle brush Christmas trees, galvanized house, wrapping paper.
2 sets of bottle brush Christmas Trees
Galvanized house
Reusable Christmas Shopping Bag

Ah yes! I had more in my cart, but was caution of my spending for my mister and put the other finds back on the shelf (so sad.) Overall, I spend $48.95 shopping at HomeGoods. The bottle brush Christmas Trees (at least that’s what I call them,) cost $16.99 each. The galvanized house costed $9.99. The wrapping paper cost $3.99. Last but not least, the reusable Christmas bag cost $0.99. Who knows, I may be back soon to find more great finds.

Thanks for reading and check back for more home life experience and diy projects with Farmhouse Unique, Home with Monique.

Also, where’s your favorite place to shop to discover awesome finds for your home? Share and comment below.