25 Farmhouse Style Garden Flags!

25 Farmhouse Style Garden Flags!

Hey guys it’s been a while, but what’s better then spending time with your family during this strange time with the corona-virus (COVID-19). Life has been a whirl wind and our little family has been working in the garden as far as cleaning it up a bit, adding borders, and putting down new mulch. Speaking of gardens, I’ve recently found a new love for garden flags Yes, I said garden flags! Particularly farmhouse style prints made on burlap, but some can totally pass for simple and chic. I picked out some fabulous finds from seasonal to greetings. 

It’s no secret I love to shop Amazon and they do have some great finds in different styles! Here’s one I ordered to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! It is so freaking cute!

I’ve ordered one for Easter of course, but now that has come and gone! Hope everyone has had a blessed Easter! Now my spring flag is out, soon I’ll which that out to mt Home Sweet Home Flag. Honestly, if I had the funds I would buy so much more! For now, just a little at a time.

The burlap seems to be made of good quality in my eyes and touch. I love that each one is double-sided. I’ve purchased 12 x 18 size garden flags. Amazon has a wide variety, from cute farm animals to the classic farm truck with beautiful flowers.

Since Easter is less than a month away, let’s not forget the cute spring flags with bunnies, easter eggs, birds and carrots. Just a reminder the garden pole is not included, you’ll have to purchase that separate. If you’re not looking to spend a lot on the garden flag pole, just check with your local Dollar Tree. It’s only $1!

Without further ado, let’s get started!

As an Amazon Affiliate, links are included, but are at no cost to you. I’ll earn a small commission from purchases made from the products linked in this post through the Amazon photos and the captions below. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I only recommend products that I believe are beneficial to my readers.  

Farmhouse Garden Flags

Buffalo check pick-up!

Home Sweet Farm

The classic black and white buffalo check on a pick-up truck is an eye-catcher for sure. What’s even more cute is the cow in the back of the pick-up!

Spring flower wreath


A decorative garden flag with a floral wreath!

Farm and Chic

Home Sweet Farmhouse

This gorgeous beauty is a charmer for sure. I can’t wait to add this one to my mini collection.

Wreath made of cotton


A simple way to greet your guest. This wreath is made of cotton to add a little farmhouse charm.


Home Sweet Home Magnolia Wreath

A little script written in the background of this “Home Sweet Home” flag is a nice touch, accompanied by the Magnolia wreath and its flowers.


Welcome Sign

A planter of lavender in-circled by a wreath made of lavender. I just love the beautiful color and can’t wait to grow some in my yard!

Classic song

Country Road Red Truck

A good old song speaks for itself. . .”Country road, take me home to the place I belong.”

Florals and all!

Home Sweet Home

The house silhouette sold me on this purchase. The florals was just an added bonus! I love it and can’t wait to show it off!

Garden Boot

Happy Summer Time

Can you really plants a garden in anything? Sure! Though, I haven’t given it a try, I must admit some ideas are cute!

There’s no place like home!

Home Sweet Home

This magnificent mini floral garland is devine, centering the quote “Home Sweet Home.”

The hunt is on!

Cottontail’s Easter Egg Farm

I love this one right here, so much I have one. The colors are bright and beautiful, but not too much! Let’s go hunt doo-doo-doo-doo! Unfortunately, I forgot to put it out this Easter with all this crazy pandemic, it slipped my mind. Next Easter, this flag will make its garden debut!

Open for business.

Fresh Cut Flowers

Good old fashioned pick-up making deliveries with locally grown flowers. Who else loves a small town business?

Special delivery!

Farmer’s Market

No flower expert here, but these lovely blooms look perfect in the back of the classic pick-up truck.


You are my Sunshine

“…my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey.” A song to remember on those warm summer days, with the bees buzzing and the sunflowers dancing away. I just love the black and yellow, ha my middle and high school colors. Go yellow jackets! Although , I’m not a fan of the real yellow jackets since they tend to be annoying! Bees on the other hand, are awesome!

Watering can planter

Garden Sweet Garden

As we all know, watering cans are not just for watering the garden anymore. They make such great planters, showing off gorgeous blooms and/or plants.

Bunny and nature

Spring Bunny

Simply adorable garden flag. The bunny is surrounded by nature. The floral, the bird and its nest. Perfect for spring time and Easter!


Not Today Heifer

Something about this, I just love. Whether it’s the ” Not today Heifer” quote, the red head wrap, or the simple black and burlaps. It speaks to me! How about you?

Make a house a home

Home Sweet Home

Similar to the one that I’ve purchase. This one is a little more colorful!

Let the blooming begin

Hello Spring

Spring is here! Fixing up your garden? Liven it up with this flag while welcoming spring!

For the love of Lavender

Lavender Farm Market

Calling all Lavender lovers!

I believe in Unicorns

Welcome Sign (Unicorn)

Mermaids, Unicorns, Oh My! Here’s a nice welcome flag for whimsical lovers of all the beautiful mystical creatures!

Purple in blooms

Happy Time

Florals and the Bunny

Hello Spring

Can you say adorably simple. It’s not too much in color, but just enough to capture that simple spring fling. Best part, with the bunny it can still be used through Easter time! Hurray, double duty!

Home Grown

Home Sign

For all you buffalo check lovers! Here’s a white and gray buffalo check garden flag. The word, “Home” includes a magnolia wreath representing the “O” in the word, ” Home.”

Creative blend

Welcome to Our Home!

How gorgeous is this garden flag! I’m am forever loving the black and white buffalo check with a hint pink and purple hues. This one is totally on my shopping list!

I hope you enjoyed these picks as much as I! If not, don’t worry. There are plenty of other beauties on Amazon. Have fun browsing! Until, next time loves!

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5 Last Minute St. Patrick’s Day DIY

5 Last Minute St. Patrick’s Day DIY

Happy March Y’all! Yes it’s a new month that shares a holiday with tons of shenanigans, green clovers, pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, and the luck of the Irish. Yep, you guessed it, St. Patrick’s Day! Since  I’m literally always last minute doing DIY craft for the holiday season, I put together 5 simple, easy, inexpensive decor crafts to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. 

  1. Clover Wreath


  • Clover Shape Board (Dollar Tree)
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint Tray


  1. Paint the clover the color of your choice. (Note: It may require two coats of paint.)
  1. Let it dry.  
  1. Dry brush another paint of choice to give it a weathered and/or rustic look (optional.) 
  1. Tie a ribbon, string, or twine to loop and hang.
  1. Buffalo Check Clovers
2 of 4 handmade clovers!


  • Clover Template or Heart Shaped Object
  • Buffalo Check Fabric (Walmart Pre-cut Fleece)
  • Filling
  • Scissor
  • 4 Small Wooden Dowels
  • 4 Small Wood Slices
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks


  1. Find and print out a clover template online, use a heart shaped object to help you draw out your clover like I did, or just free hand it all together. 
  1. Next, cut out the clover and lay it on top of the fabric. 
  1. Use a fabric marker to trace around it and then cut out the fabric clover or just cut it out while holding the clover against the fabric without tracing like me. (Note:There should be 6 cutout clovers in all to make 4 plush clovers.
  1. Match up two cutouts and use the hot glue gun to adhere the edges on the clover, but leave an opening to stuff the inside of the clover. Repeat for the other three clovers. (Note: I used remindings scraps from the fabric cuts made.) 
  1. Take the wooden dowel and attach it to the wooden slice. Insert the other end of the dowel into the clover and hot glue to close the clover. Repeat for the reminding 3 clovers. (If you desire, you could stain the wooden dowels with a lite paint and water mixture like me.)
  1. Lucky Charm Garland
Simple enough!


  • Twine
  • St.Patrick’s Day Coins (Dollar Tree)
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Hot Glue Gun


  1. Cut twine to desire length and then make a loop and tie a knot at each end.
  2. Measure 3.5 inches from the knot and hot glue the first coin and then place another on the other side holding both coins tight until the hot glue settles.
  3. Measure 7 inches from the first coin and place the next 2 coins with hot glue. Repeat this process for the remainder length of twine. (Note: If desire add more decorative items to make it your style.)
  1. Painted Canvas
You’re my lucky charm!


  • Canvas
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Paint Tray
  • Clover template
  • Paint Pen 


  1. Paint the canvas background a desired color.
  2. Use a clover template or draw clovers by hand if needed
  3. After the canvas has dried, trace the template.
  4. Select your paint color and paint the clovers.
  5. Use a paint brush or paint pen and write the word “Lucky”. Replace the “U” with a horseshoe.
  6. Dry brush your desire paint.

5. Chalkboard Prints


  • Chalkboard
  • Chalk, Chalk pencil or Chalk pen for a permanent option.


  1. Decide what to write and/or draw.
  2. Free hand it!

Ha! That last one was easy, right! Just adding your own sense of style makes everything uniquely you. I hope these last minute DIY gave you great ideas and helped you create awesome craft decor. Be sure to share how your project turned out in the comments below, I would love to see them. As always, until next time!

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