Meeting Monique

Yup, that’s me! It’s nice to meet you!

Monique is a very shy (introvert) person. I’ve always  been since I was a little girl. I mean I do talk, but just around people I’m completely comfortable with. On the plus side, I am a great listener, so if you ever need to vent I am all ears! Growing up, I spent my days tracing and drawing. I guess you can say I have a thing for art. Photography also came into the play, I had an interest in taking photos. At least, I thought I was a photographer back then. I would go to school with my little boxed camera (you know the disposable one that you needed to take to CVS to have the film developed. . .Yep, that’s the one!) My mom would always take me to have the film developed. Being so anxious, I couldn’t wait to share the photos taken of classmates, friends, plants, the sky, and even the ground. 

Hi there!

Interest Sparked

Growing up, my dad worked in concrete construction. He even had his own small business that was named, Heard It’s Smooth Concrete Construction. Whenever he checked on a job site, my little sister and I tagged along in his white chevy pick-up truck. I loved seeing his job sites, but I hated the travels which were most of the time long. For me, it was always such a thrill to see his work, whether it was of a parking garage or the start of a basement for a future home. As we drove around, he would always point out to my sister and I where he completed a job. I may not have known it then, but now I can see how proud he was of his accomplishments.

Blacktop poured by my dad and crew!

Living back  off the road down a slightly long graveled path or as I always told friends “we live back in the woods.” What used to be an old dirt graveled road has become a smooth and less bumpy road, thanks to my dad. He poured our concrete driveway, the back patio, and even the sidewalk leading to the front door. I was in awe of how cool it is to do things yourself and be your own boss. As you can see in the picture below the front sidewalk is a mixture of rocks incorporated with the stepping stones that were there before. 

Oh, we’re off to see the wizard. . .

Why Blog?

Blogging is a new factor in my life. One, I never thought of doing until I remembered I used to have a wordpress account in my early 20’s for another purpose. Then I thought, “Hey! Why not give blogging a try?” Seeing other talented moms of many get it done and excel with their blog motivated me to begin my own blog journey. Though it is not an easy venture, it has been a fun and engaging learning experience.

Personally, the loneliness you may have by being a stay at home parent. If you’re anything like me, a mom who moved away from your family because of your fiance job or lost contact with old friends, then you understand how lonely it can be at times. I thought of using my blog as a personal outlet to express feelings and emotions, but then again who wants to read about my feelings, lol. Though, I do hope to share my artwork, home decor, mini crafts, woodwork, and little home projects with you.

Farmhouse Unique

Originally, I wanted to name my site “Home with Monique,” simply because my time is spent mostly at home with my youngest. Unfortunately, someone already had the name on twitter. So being quick on my toes, I created the name “Farmhouse Unique” with the slogan “Home with Monique.” Farmhouse Unique was created based on the fact that I love farmhouse styles. A little bit of rustic charm and the inspiration from Joanna Gaines had me sold and in love. Who knew shiplap was a thing? Not I, but I love it! It is quite beautiful and I would love to incorporate it into my home one day. As we all know “you must start somewhere and work your way up!”

Ideal Home

On this journey, I will slowly, but surely transition my home into my ideal farmhouse dream home. Though, I fear my ideal dream home won’t fully be displayed in our current home for multiple reasons, I will do my absolute best to achieve the possible.

My ideal home is a one floor ranch style with a beautiful front porch. The front porch would include wooden cedar post, shutters, and frontdoor. I love the look of cedar wood! The cedar look would be accompanied by a navy blue painted stucco, brick, or siding with white, but this is just option 1. Option 2 still includes the cedar wood, but the home would be painted white or  cream. There would be large front windows. Upon entering the home, the foyer would be roomy and open with built-ins for storage and sliding barn doors. Walls of shiplap. On the opposite wall there will be a beautiful farmhouse console with decorative items. A gorgeous open concept living area with a gorgeous mantled fireplace. A large spacious kitchen with a grand island with all the bells and whistles including my farmhouse sink I dream of having. A bright sunroom that could also be my art space. An office space with tons of built-ins for books. The children’s playroom that would also act as their livingspace. A warm cozy master bedroom with a spectacular view of nature’s finest. Omg! The master bath will have my freestanding tub (my ultimate desire) or a claw foot tub would go nicely too. Of course, double vanities will be preferred. Don’t forget the walk-in closet with built-in shelving units and drawers. Oh, and the closet’s secret compartment! To sum it all up, 5 bedrooms with 3 and a half bath. Perfect lighting throughout the home would be lovely! Omg, herringbone pattern is a must either the flooring or with the backsplash in the kitchen and bath. I simply adore it! The gracious green lawn with a beautiful landscape. 


Okay! Stop Dreaming and Wake-up to Reality. . .

Sighs! Yeah, that’s definitely not happening with this home, but hey it’s okay to dream. This home may lack the space that’s required to build my ideal home, but it does offer minimal projects I can tackle just to make it a little more homey and a little more farmy. Decor is always a game changer and my go-to to improve our family’s home. Now you know more about me, feel free to drop a comment below and share a little about you. Thanks for meeting Monique!

Simple changes can make everything right!

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D. I. Y. Christmas Jar

D. I. Y. Christmas Jar

The Christmas season is in the air or do I mean love. Whatever the case, I love love and I love Christmas! Just let it snow already …“let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”  Though, once is good enough for me. That reminds me, I recently made these Christmas snow jar to add to my Christmas decor which I debut in Christmas Decor Home Decor, so click here to view it. The Christmas jars turned out beautifully.  

Are you ready?

Gather all materials.

To get started, I used:

  • 2 glass jars with lids
  • 1 2pk of miniatures trees (white)
  • 1 2pk of miniatures trees (green)
  • 1 pack of faux snow
  • 1 roll of ribbon
  • Thin string
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks

Note: all materials can be purchased at The Dollar Tree.

Insert trees into jar.

Unscrew the lids and place 2 miniatures trees in each jar. You can add both green trees in the same jar, the same goes for the white trees. However, I mixed it up and place 1 white tree along with 1 green tree in the same jar. If you would like, hot glue the trees to securely keep them in place (it’s totally optional, but I personally did not glue the trees down.)

What’s Next?

Insert faux snow.

Next, simply pour just enough of the faux snow into the jar to cover the bottom of the trees. I thought about adding glitter and water, but decide to skip those options. I also thought about painting the jar lids, but decided to measure and cut ribbons by wrapping it around the lid. Secure with hot glue and add the perfect touch . . .a bow!

Simple and easy diy Christmas jar

Ta da. . .we’re done! What a fun, quick, and simple project! A little touch of Christmas decor that didn’t break the bank. For more, stay connected with our home life

D. I. Y. Faux Potted Christmas Tree

D. I. Y. Faux Potted Christmas Tree

Hi guys, welcome back! I hope you like my previous post, Christmas Decor Home Tour. As I mentioned, I would share with you how to craft a small potted Christmas tree. It’s short and simple.

Ready to knock out this diy?

The materials needed.

The Materials

  • 1 faux small white christmas tree
  • 1 small galvanized bucket
  • Miniature Christmas bulbs
  • Tissue paper or paper brown lunch bags
  • Glue gun (optional)
  • Glue sticks
  • 1 floral piece

Note: Some materials came from The Dollar Tree, others I already had. 

Fold and place tissue paper inside on the bottom (this is optional.) I did this because I didn’t want to hot glue it directly to the bucket just in case I want to change up and use the bucket for something else. I then put hot glue on the tissue paper and place the tree on top. 

Around the tree, insert the brown paper bag inside the bucket. To do this, I open up the paper bag and tore it lengthwise. Crumbled it a little, pushed it down inside bucket and around the tree. Keep adding more until you feel it’s secure. Also, if you don’t think you’ll use the bucket or tree for something else, feel free to hot glue everything to make it more secure.

Nice and simple

Now to decorate or leave it plain?

That is the questioned. . .

Drum roll please! Yes, you guessed it! Decorate!!! You can string the miniatures bulbs if you want, but I chose to take the top of the bulbs and stick them onto the tree. Another way, would be to hot glue them.

Now for the final touch

The final touch with bulbs and floral piece.

Ha, I told you it was short and simple! Guess what??? There are several ways you can decorate it to fit your style. Add some paint, a print, or even fabric. Your options are endless, so go on and get creative!!! Until next time.

Christmas Decor Home Tour

Christmas Decor Home Tour

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

Yes! That magical time where we all gather with our friends and family and share love, joy, and happiness amongst others. Today, I would like to share my home christmas decor with you. It’s not extravagant, but it’s definitely beautiful and cozy for our home. Shall we begin?

The living room.

The living room is the main attraction this year. As we all know kids are expensive, lol. I try to purchase a few christmas decorations each year. You may notice there’s no Christmas tree that’s because our beautiful tree got destroyed while in storage. Strange, I know! The mister and I are currently deciding on whether to buy another faux Christmas or buy a real tree and then purchase a faux tree after the holidays when they’re cheaper. Can you imagine how disappointed I was, being so eager to start decorating for the day after Thanksgiving only to find a messed up tree. Don’t freight, I had a solution which I will share with you in the next post.

Hanging Merry Christmas banner, 2 chalkboards, 2 set of 3 bottle brush trees, calendar house, seasonal home letters, and a vase with flowers.

The console is decorated with 2 christmas signs that I hand drew with chalk. One list the reindeer names and the other says “tis the season to be merry.” I know it should be jolly, but at the time I was rushing through it. Why not be MERRY? It is also complemented with a wine bottle used as a vase with faux flowers inside. Above is a Merry Christmas banner. Don’t you just love the buffalo check? Remember the 2 sets of 3 bottle brush trees and house calendar from my other post which you can check-out here. Lastly, a seasonal home lettering that was given as a gift last christmas.

Decor to the right of the console.

On the shelf is a candle gifted to me last Christmas, a faux window panel frame, and a faux potted Christmas tree I crafted together the day before. I will totally share with you guys soon. So be on the lookout.

Below on the end table is a tic-tac-toe (decorative use only), a farmers market milk jug I suppose, and a small galvanized house from a previous post on top of a faux marble tray which is inlaid with a red and black buffalo check table mat.

Take a closer look. . .

End table decorations
To the left of the console.

Ha, would you look at that! Another faux window frame, and a potted Christmas tree. The shelf is also accompanied by a wooden family sign, and a lantern filled with faux flowers, pinecones, and light.

Snow jar upon a shelf

I made two snow jars the day before to add to my decor. Here’s one and the other is near by. They are both sitting on their own little shelf.

Sorry I didn’t get permission to share my relatives photos, so, I hope you understand. This frame is on the living room hallway wall.

A merry and bright sign hanging from a collage picture frame of family photos. Around the frame I added garland along with buffalo check bows, just like the hand rail on the stairs.

See below. . .

The stairway

Almost Done

Bows and bells on the doors

Thank you for taking this wonderful tour of my home. I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I. It’s been a pleasure sharing my home with you. If you have any suggestions please feel free to share.

The Kiddos Make a Stocking Ornament!

The Kiddos Make a Stocking Ornament!

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving. I know I enjoyed our family gatherings. It’s just so nice to see your loved ones you don’t get to see often enough. My favorite moments is seeing the kiddos get to bond and make memories together. So sad that it’s over, but they’ll be more memories to make each and every day!

Today, I took the girls to a workshop at the Home Depot. They got to assemble a Christmas stocking ornament. Although,  theirs is not completely finished, I wanted to share how beautiful the ornaments turned out. Sorry to disappoint, but I totally forgot to take pictures as they were assembling their ornament since I was helping both of my sweeties safely construct their ornament. As I explain the process, hopefully you get the picture. It is fairly easy. 

The girls were each given a kit which included: the ornament itself, 2 frame sides, the frame bottom, the nails, 2 clear plastic sheets, a string, and a sticker sheet. We aligned the 2 side frames with the bottom frame piece, and then nailed them together. They used the glue to help attach the frame to the ornament itself and then nailed in the rest of the nails to make it secure.  Next, the girls picked out their paint colors. One picked classic Christmas colors: red and green, while the other picked white, pastel blue, and yellow. What kid doesn’t like painting? They enjoyed painting… I think that was their favorite part! My oldest is quite the perfectionist, she got upset when the red paint got on top of the green paint. I let her know it was okay and suggested adding more green to cover up the red. Everything was great again! 

Afterwards, we packed up to go home and let their ornaments finish drying before adding the finishing touches. A few hours passed, I added the string and knotted it, while the girls added their sticker and signed their names. Oh, but wait it’s not done yet, I have to printout a beautiful picture of each of my girls and insert it into their ornament to make it complete and ready to hang on our Christmas tree (when we get a Christmas tree.) 

Overall, they absolutely loved every moment of creating their ornaments, from working with tools to choosing their paint colors. One of them actually drew on the back of her ornament when she got home.  Next week, their supposed to making a Christmas calendar and the girls are just so excited to attend so keep a look out hopefully, I’ll remember to take pictures.) So if you’re a parent looking for something for your kid(s) to do on the weekend, check out Home depot to see when and what type of workshops they have for the kiddos. It’s free and you’re kids will love it! Well, until next time. Thanks for caring and always share!

Christmas Tree Stand Box (DIY)

Christmas Tree Stand Box (DIY)

Hi everyone! Hope you all had an awesome weekend! It’s the holiday seasons, everyone’s trying to prepare and things can be a bit hectic. Over the weekend I went to a workshop at my local Home depot. For those who don’t know, Home depot host workshops for kiddos, as well as adults. So I encourage you to check the workshop out when you have free time. It’s lots of fun!!! I personally signed up to have mommy time away from the kiddos for a few and learn something new. Now, I would love to share my diy project I assembled at home after my learning experience.

Alright, let’s get started! For the first time I rented a Brad Nailer and air compressor which you don’t have to. Using a nail and hammer will be just find if you don’t mind the hammer imprints or nail heads. I just got persuaded to rent one, plus it does make assembling a lot quicker. In my point of view, I found renting tools was quite expensive (sighs. . .money wasted.)

The materials needed:

  • 1- 1″ x 12″ x 6’Common Board
  • 3- 1″ x 2″ x 8′ Common Board
  • 1- Pack 1 ¼” Brad Nails
  • 1- pack 2″ Corner Braces and Screws or (2 single packs of door hinges 3″ with ¼ ” radius with screws

Tools used:

  • Hand saw or circular saw
  • Drill or scree driver
  • 18 ga. Brad Nailer (rented along with the compressor)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil
  • Safety Goggles
  • Ryboi Corner Sander

According to the measurements:

  • The 1″ x 12″ x 6′ common board cut 3 times at 24″.
  • The first 1″ x 2″ x 8′ common board cut 4 times at 24″. 
  • The second 1″ x 2″ x 8′ common board cut 2 times at 24″, and then cut 5 more times at 8 ¼” with an extra remaining piece of wood. 
  • The last 1″ x 2″ x 8′ common board cut 10 times at 8 ¼ ” with an extra remaining piece of wood.

After the long tedious work of cutting and measuring(mind you I was using a hand saw.) Instead of assembling my project after cutting my boards this time around, I decided to sand with the Ryboi Corner Sander, use the Brad nailer, and then stain the wood with Rust-Oleum weathered grey stain. If you don’t feel like staining you can always leave as is, paint, or even use chalk paint and write the years or name of your family. Oh the possibilities! 

Now let’s keep it moving. Take two of the 24″ cuts from the 1″ x 2″x 8′ board and lay it on the top and bottom of the 24″ cut from the 1″ x 2″ x 12′ board. Next take two of the 8 ¼” cut and lay on each side of the 24″ board making a frame. 

Then place the next three 8 ¼ ” boards inside the frame. There may be an overhang which. If there’s an overhang you want to your bottom board to be flushed at the bottom so the board can sit evenly on the floor. In other words, the overhang will be at the top, but you can’t tell when looking from the front of the boards. Secure the boards with the Brad nailer after spacing everything evenly. Continue to build and secure your frames with the next 2 boards. You should have 3 frames in total. 

Attach the panels so that the side of one board is against the backside of the front panel. Using a drill, screw the brackets to the top and bottom of each board. If you decided on hinges, use the drill to screw the hinges to the middle of the back side of the board. Do the same with the last board. Ta da!!! Your Christmas Tree Stand!

Thanks for taking the time to diy with me. As always sharing is caring. Positive thoughts are always welcome!

My Favorite Favorite

My Favorite Favorite

A couple a days ago, I went to a few of my favorite stores. When I shop I’m looking for a rustic farmhouse style with a little bit of modern and glam. Not only do I shop for my home, but I also discover great finds for the kiddos room. My hubby just disapproves of whenever I make it a mission to go to these particular stores simply because he knows I am always tempted and will leave with something in hand despite my, “just looking” excuse. I love that he knows me so well!

Kirkland’s is one of my new favorite stores. The atmosphere is just so inviting, while the store associates are so friendly and helpful with answers to your questions. The quality and variety of the products are amazing, plus they have awesome deals from time to time in store and online. The foot trafficking is so simple. You start from one side of the front of the store and work your way to the back of the store, around and back to the front almost like a rectangle or square shape, and then explore everything in the middle. At least that’s how I navigate through the store.

Here are a couple of finds I’ve purchased below:

Calendar house.
It’s So Good to be Home wood plank.
Galvanized vase bouquet of lamb ears.

Those beauties will make a great addition to my home! Overall, with the discount I purchased everything for $52.94. The Calendar House was final sale and cost $9.97, however it was not included in the discount. The same goes for the It’s Good to be Home wood plank, it cost $12.99, but I don’t believe it was final sale. As for the, bouquet lamb ear, and the galvanized vase, each was priced at $19.99 and discounted for $14.99 each.

Now, before I move on to my next favorite home store. I stopped my favorite children’s clothing store, Carter’s to pick up part of an online order that was ready. I just love the style of clothes with their cute design (the kiddos love them too.) My kids are not into jeans, not even the jeggings. I usually just purchase leggings, sweatpants, and joggers ( happy kids, happy mom.) One of the things that was ready for pick-up were the christmas pajamas set for my girls.

Carter’s 2-piece Christmas Magic Snug Fit Cotton and Fleece pajamas.

At $12.80 each, the sum amount was $25.60. I purchased 2 sets, discounted at $22.43. They are super and will help the girls warm through the winter, despite the fact that my youngest daughter said, ” I don’t like the pants,” (sighs. . .Mommy can’t win.) She more of a nightgown girl, bit I want her legs covered in the winter, so she just have to be thankful.

Last stop, HomeGoods (Oh my gosh.) Oh how I love this store. It’s just so bright and airy. The furniture and decor are my favorite part of the store. Can you imagine my eyes being lite up in awe of all the Christmas decoration. Yes, it’s that time of year! My immediate reaction was to buy everything! Ha, ha ha, but then I thought about the mister and the spending limit I needed to set for myself. So I purchased as followed:

Bottle brush Christmas trees, galvanized house, wrapping paper.
2 sets of bottle brush Christmas Trees
Galvanized house
Reusable Christmas Shopping Bag

Ah yes! I had more in my cart, but was caution of my spending for my mister and put the other finds back on the shelf (so sad.) Overall, I spend $48.95 shopping at HomeGoods. The bottle brush Christmas Trees (at least that’s what I call them,) cost $16.99 each. The galvanized house costed $9.99. The wrapping paper cost $3.99. Last but not least, the reusable Christmas bag cost $0.99. Who knows, I may be back soon to find more great finds.

Thanks for reading and check back for more home life experience and diy projects with Farmhouse Unique, Home with Monique.

Also, where’s your favorite place to shop to discover awesome finds for your home? Share and comment below.

Email: m.heard090@gmail.com

Building a Baby Gate (DIY)

Building a Baby Gate (DIY)

Hi there! Today I will take you step by step through the process I used to build my first baby gate for my little mister. Previously, we were using a pack n’ play to block the steps. Unfortunately, it took up more than half of the walkway, not to mention damaged the walls, and then became very unsafe once my mister began moving it. This motivated me to build a baby gate. I’d previously purchased one before, but returned it simply because the stair railing was in the way making it impossible for the baby gate to properly fit. Stressing about his safety, I went to the local Home Depot.

Very unprepared, looking through the selection of lumber, I literally picked my lumber by price and by weight. My purchase included: 6- 1×4×6 common boards, a hand saw, and a sander. Little did I know, I would be right back at Home Depot the next day for more.

Based on my measurements, I needed at few more boards for the style I wanted, plus nails shorter than the ones I already had so that they wouldn’t go through the board. In total, I purchased 9- 1×4×6 boards for this project.

The measurement for the width of my stairway is 41 inches. I subtracted 2 inches so that there would be space for mounting the hinges onto the boards on the wall. Now the width for the gate is 39 inches and I chose a height of 33 inches.


  • 9- 1 x 4 x 6 boards
  • Saw
  • Hammer
  • Nails 1 1/4 inch
  • Ryobi Corner Cat Compact Finish Sander
  • Rust-OleumRust-Oleum Gel Stain American Walnut
  • Minwax One Coat Polyurethane
  • 2 Door Hinges- Everbilt 3 inches with a 5/8 radius
  • 1 Barrel Bolt- Everbilt 4 inch lock


  • 11 boards cut to 33 inches in height (back frame)
  • 2 boards cut to 39 inches (the top and bottom width of the front frame)
  • 2 boards cut to 26 inches (front frame height)
  • 2 boards cut to 33 inches (mounting to wall)

Your measurements may vary depending on the width of your stairway and the height you prefer.


I lined up 11 boards for the back-frame, then measured to make sure it measured at 39 inches. It was less by 1/4 inch or so. I found it pointless to cut an extra board super thin, so I left it alone – you could barely tell. After, I laid the top and bottom board for the front- frame on top of the back-frame. Then I made sure the board underneath for the back-frame were lined up before nailing. As I insert each nail, I used my index and middle finger as spacers in between each nail. Be careful not to bang your finger. If you have a nail gun. Hurray!!! It’ll make the process much faster and easier. Next, nail the 26 inch side boards to complete the top frame. I inserted 2 nails on each board.

After completing the frame, I then sanded the wood using the Ryobi Corner Cat Compact Finish Sander and 220 Grit sand paper. Then I stained it with Rust-Oleum Gel Stain American Walnut. It only took one coat. I waited 24 hours to let it completely dry before applying Minwax One Coat Polyurethane. I waited another 24 hours before attaching the gate to the wall. Finally, I attached the last 2 -33 inch boards to the wall. Also, attaching the door hinges and the barrel lock and there we have our finish project. Yay!

I will be working on another baby gate soon for the bottom of my stairs. The plan is to take more pictures of the entire process step-by-step. Please subscribe to look for updates with pictures and more diy projects, as well as my home life with the kiddos and the mister. Feel free to connect and share with me as well.